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Une compagnie de vêtements de sport, qui ne coûte pas la peau des fesses, hyper joli et de chez nous? Je me suis tout de suite reconnu dans Cory Vines! Habituellement réservé aux achats en ligne, j’étais plus qu’heureuse d’assister au launch party de leur Popup Shop 2.0 mercredi dernier. Encore plus de pouvoir m’y entretenir avec leur directrice de création. Tête à tête (en franglais !) avec Katrina, pour en en apprendre plus sur cet adorbale brand montréalais.


Katrina, quel est ton rôle chez Cory Vines? 
I feel pretty lucky to be the Creative Director at Cory Vines. This company has become like a very special place for me where I can express myself and the vision of the team in a way that is very empowering.

Parle-nous de la marque : qu’est-ce que Cory Vines propose? 

Cory Vines is an activewear company that brings the individual back to basics. Cory Vines was born out of the desire to create the simple, timeless active-wear that doesn’t compromise on fit, fabric or function. It is an affordable brand that offers a luxurious feel to all its garments. Cory Vines wants to empower the individual to curate their own active lifestyle without thinking twice about the cost of their gear.

Sweat it out this Friday to finish off the week and kick start the long weekend with a bang. What's it going to be?

Comment le projet a commencé? 

Daniel Lieberman, the CEO and founder of Cory Vines, noticed a gap in the marketplace. Activewear either costs an arm and a leg or it compromises its quality at a cheap price. Therefore, he saw a chance to make something luxurious that would be accessible to everyone.

Qu’est-ce qui différencie Cory Vines des autres marques? 

Cory Vines is a special brand since it cares about the small things. Less of us more of you – Cory Vines believes good design is as little design as possible, no big logos only essential activewear pieces designed to go the distance. It’s pretty simply, and that’s how it should be.

It is probably due to Catherine Bell (@cath_belle on Instagram) that we have sold out of our Lane Racerback Bra in Plum. However, not all hope is lost because we do have a few styles of this bra left in the color stone.

En quoi tu te reconnais chez Cory Vines? 

Since I have always adored sports growing up, I know what its like to have to spend money on pieces you simply need in order to accomplish your goals. I appreciate the vision and intention Cory Vines managed to curate in its products. I see this brand going a long way because I believe in what it stands for. Empowering the individual to live a better and healthier lifestyle. I’m always looking towards being a better me.

Ton produit coup de coeur? 

Must haves that I’m in love with (and can’t wait to wear all the time) every girl should have :

Trapeze Bra + Flow Tee !

Sweat in style this #FeelGoodFriday in our Trapeze bra and Lane Cropped Legging in Plum. Shout out to Kate for showing off her fit fashion. Share yours #ImWithCoryVines

On s’est rencontré lors du party d’ouverture du nouveau Popup Shop 2.0! Donne-nous envie de visiter votre superbe boutique.

Well this store is not only a store. It’s a little piece of who we are as a team. We wanted to keep in line with the brand motto « less is more » so we opted to challenge ourselves with a sustainable design theme. All the furniture is made from found objects, such as palettes and cinder blocks. More importantly, our goal was to collaborate with the Montreal community, therefore, we partnered up with some incredibly talented people who helped bring the store to life. We have at the shop with us:

  • Ciele, a Montreal based performance hat company that sells beautifully crafted caps.
  • A massive mural seen from the corner of St. Laurent & Sherbrooke painted by BONAR (@lebonar) a sick artist who beautifully represented our brand for all pedestrians to see.
  • Wonderful books for sale – if you like beautiful books and want to hang out, there are comfy changing room booths that can easily turn into cozy reading rooms.
  • Lufa Farms, as a pick up point. A Montreal company encouraging eating right by delivering baskets of locally grown foods to pick up points around the city
  • 3 Pumpkin Designs, hand made jewelry, that is simply jaw-dropping.

This shop has become like a Cory Vines tree house. All are welcome to come into the world of Cory Vines and see what I’m talking about. You’ll fall in love, just like I did. See for yourself.

Dépêchez-vous de visiter leur boutique temporaire au 3455 boul Saint-Laurent (anciennement le Globe).

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À go, on devient adepte du Sweat in style. GO!
Besoin d’inspiration? Découvrez leur blog juste ici!
Bon training, 
Suzie xox

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